How to Start Your Own Frozen Yogurt Store Successfully – by Frozen Yogurt Business Experts and Store Owners.

Forget the guess work or stumbling along the internet to find nonsense or incomplete information on opening frozen yogurt stores. Costly trial and error through guess work will push you more in debt and get you nowhere.

Our exclusive program gives you the knowledge, insight, tips and tricks you need to start your own frozen yogurt store the RIGHT way. You won’t believe the invaluable info packed into the very first Chapter!

Open a Yogurt Store – the all-in-one guide to launching your very own frozen yogurt store.
What’s that, you say? You’ve never run a business (of any kind) before – no retail, restaurant or management experience – no problem! With Open a Yogurt Store it doesn’t matter– we teach you everything you need to know – all the restaurant, retail and management experience you need is wrapped up in one tidy volume that skips the filler and the nonsense and gets right to the real-world lessons you need to launch, operate and sustain a successful frozen yogurt business for years to come!

An Outstanding Business Opportunity: The Frozen Yogurt Business

Everybody loves frozen yogurt: men, women, kids of all ages, grandmas and grandpas – you name it! The uber-popular frozen yogurt business ranks among the fastest growing and most successful small businesses in today’s highly competitive marketplace– and business is booming!  Open a Yogurt Store was developed by a group of investors who opened their own string of highly successful frozen yogurt stores, and they serve up all the inside tricks and tips they’ve learned (in some cases the hard way) over the years as they developed their own frozen yogurt businesses from the ground up. The Open a Yogurt Store creators made all the mistakes, stepped on all the landmines and stumbled into all the pitfalls so you don’t have to! All you have to do is follow this ingenious road map, and you’ll be raking in the cash in no time flat!

Start Off on the Right Foot with Your New Frozen Yogurt Store – Create a Business Plan

If you were a general at war, would you go into battle with no strategy or plan of attack? Well, launching a new business without a business plan is like a general doing battle without a plan of attack – it’s a recipe for disaster! Open a Yogurt Store, however, will help you avoid this critical mistake – Chapter 10 includes a sample business plan that promises to help you develop the perfect plan of attack for your new frozen yogurt business venture.
This invaluable sample business plan will help you work through all the angles from start to finish – planning, strategy, budgeting for the build-out, targeting your marketing, and creating projections for your earnings in years one, two, three and beyond. The business plan is truly one of the most valuables elements of the entire Open a Yogurt Store guide.


In any retail business, location is a make or break deciding factor – the “right” location can be the difference between a successful new business and complete financial disaster. But guess what, you don’t need to worry, because right off the bat in chapter 1 (pages 3-8) you get the inside scope (pun intended) on scouting and securing the ideal location for your new yogurt shop. We’ll help you set up shop in an ideal spot and have tons of customers pouring into your location to scarf down your frozen yogurt, while you count up the profits from all your sales.

How it works
Open a Yogurt Store's exclusive program Open Your own Frozen Yogurt Store is the comprehensive How To guide for starting your own frozen yogurt business. Our exclusive program gives you the knowledge, insight, tips and tricks you need to start your own frozen yogurt store, be your own boss and become financially independent.

Open Your own Frozen Yogurt Store program highlights include

**THE PLATINUM PACKAGE** includes a complete Sample Business Plan!

Powerful Marketing Plan: Developed to bang on your competitors and drive in more customers to Your store.

How can you expect your business be successful if no one has any idea it even exists? Do you think Mc Donald’s would be able to boast a billion served if they had been sitting around on their thumbs waiting for customers to walk through the door? Not a chance! The success of any business depends heavily on well-targeted and properly executed marketing. And that’s why chapter 2 defines powerful and effective advertising tips and strategies, not to mention time-tested, and tried-and-true marketing methods guaranteed to really get the word out about your new yogurt store. These tactics are guaranteed to drive tons of yogurt-hungry customers into your shop.

Killer Store Design, Cost Effective Build-Outs, the Best Equipment and Suppliers for Your Frozen Yogurt Store

Did you know there’s an entire segment of psychology study dedicated to creating the ideal design and interior decoration for retail stores and restaurants? Check out chapter seven for the insider tips and tricks on how to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, guaranteed to make your customers feel right at home and psyched to buy your yogurt. And all of these design and decoration tips are intended to work within a trim, cost conscious budget.

Best & Cost Effective Frozen Yogurt Machines & Equipments that works for Big or small Yogurt Stores.

Selecting the right machines & equipments will make your work easy & fast to serve customers. As per our expert’s research it was found that most of successful frozen yogurt stores invest more resources in selecting the right machines & equipments for their frozen yogurt business. We have made this process much easier for you. Chapter 8 delivers an outstanding list of the best soft-serve and frozen yogurt machines on the market, including but not limited to:
Where to get the best deals on frozen yogurt machines? Which machines deliver best taste for particular types of yogurt mix? Which machines are suited best for particular type of yogurt store? And all the equipment you’ll need to outfit your store. And Chapter 9 includes a comprehensive list of suppliers offering completive pricing on all the materials you need to get your store up and running – the whole deal, right out of the box!

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Capitalize on America’s Insatiable Health Conscious Craze by selling a Healthy Sweet Treat: Frozen Yogurt

With a million and one new diet books published every day, constant reports of increases in childhood obesity, and countless  diseases linked to being overweight, America’s health conscious craze has reached a fever pitch! Everyone wants to lose weight (or avoid gaining weight), so they’re watching their diet and making a concerted effort to eat healthy.

All of which is unbelievably good news for you, because frozen yogurt is an incredibly healthy sweet treat – by far one the healthiest desserts you can find. Now is the perfect time for you to seize this opportunity and capitalize on the public’s current healthy eating obsession by opening your own frozen yogurt store – and Open a Yogurt Store is the perfect guide – your personal road map to launching and sustaining a highly successful frozen yogurt business!

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The Perfect Recipe for a Successful Frozen Yogurt Business: It’s All in the Taste

Naturally, a successful frozen yogurt business begins with great tasting yogurt – and great tasting yogurt begins with great recipes. With the recipes in chapter six, “Mmmm! Tastes so good!!!” is exactly what your customers are going to say when they dig into your frozen yogurt. You’ll find fantastic recipes, mixes and special tricks to create unique, exotic and exciting flavors (check out pages 33 -34!) – guaranteed to WOW your customers and keep them coming back again and again for more of your delicious frozen yogurt.


I found Open Your own Frozen Yogurt Store, and their program totally helped me figure out how to apply for a small business loan and helped me write my own business plan. And with my killer business plan, courtesy of Open Your own Frozen Yogurt Store, I was able to score a great loan and open my own frozen yogurt store. I said goodbye to my boring day job and I've never been happier! Jason E. Oak Park, MI
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